GiRL -girls snowboard movie-

The “GiRL” is designed to introduce a scene of most famous Japanese girl snowboarders to overseas.

This movie opens up the door to the reality of snowboarding.

It will give you a true taste of the dream like reality of snowboarding.
The appeal and fun of snowboarding along with the great outdoors is displayed throughout the movie.
This movie not only will fascinate snowboarders .
It will amaze people that have never snowboarded before.
 Sachi Tanaka, a pro snowboarder as the producer of the movie brings you this movie to show you the new generation of snowboarding through her eyes with “GiRL”.

Suddenly a glove appears. A door opens to an unknown world.
Eight girls fly into the unknown world to escape from their modern day reality into the world of snowboarding.
The fascinations and dream like reality feelings of the world of snowboarding is expressed through high quality filming and editing technologies.
It welcomes you to join the world of dream like reality of snowboarding.

Sachi Tanaka, Mina Shimizu, Fuko Michihara, Fumika Hoshino, Sayaka
 Kato, Natsuki Sato, Mimoza Murai, Miyabi Onizuka

[Film Makers]
Producer: Sachi Tanaka

Director: Akihiko Matsuzawa, Tomohiro Fujii

Production: GiRL production committee(happy project × CAMSIDE Co.Ltd.
× cocosora)