Zach Soderholm At Copper

Zach Soderholm At Copper

Earlier this season Zach Soderholm went to Woodward at Copper for some non-Vail summit county snow enjoyment. The weather was great, the snow was good, and the park was top notch. He met up with Tylor Berreth to add some extra fire to the session. The fine combination of Zach’s technical prowess and Tylor’s greasy smooth style are on par with some of the other great combos of life like salt and pepper, milk and cereal, or Donny and Marie. Either way, these two kill it.

Zach Soderholm
Tylor Berreth
Guest Spot: Connor Paulson

Filmed/Edited by Ben West
Additional Shots provided by Greg Bejian

Music: Prince – Let’s Get Crazy

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Woodward at Copper Tylor