Yone Films Presents The Teaser For Their Movie Live Naturally 4.5

There’s not a whole lot on the internet about Yone Films, in english anyway. We do know that their videos are killer, and they’re sold in local snowboard shops in Japan so they’re core too. Either way Japanese snowboarding has been on the progression map for quite some time now. The movie also has a list of killer riders with a few recognizable names so keep an eye out for the full movie.

Riders: Shin Biyajima, Goro komatsu, Yuu Nishiyama, Masashi”247″Nishina, Keita Yamazaki, Yuta Kiyohara, Mitsuhiro Sugimoto, Ruiki Masuda, Yoko Nakamura, Nobuyuki Ohe, Yatto.Noboru Konno, Mike Basich, Wes Makepeace, Jamie Lynn, Forest Bailey, Scott Blum, Hassy Jahi,
Daisuke Mochizuki, MO3, Muneo, Sakae Otsuka, Ben Wei and more….

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Live Naturally 4.5, Japan