Xavier de le Rue Winning Line At The Xtreme Verbier Freeride Contest

Xavier de Le Rue opened a new line with a new cliff in the Bec des Rosses and makes it a Three-peat while earning his third Freeride World Tour Champion title and his second victory in a row at Nissan Xtreme Verbier presented by Swatch. Here are Xavier's comments:

"I saw this cliff that could open a new line a month ago and thought it was doable if the snow conditions were great and that it would be good and exciting to come up with something new. I could have played it safe to secure the tour title but I wouldn't have been satisfied doing it. What I like most about those contests is that it helps me to push my limits and give me the chance to focus and study lines and faces for few days. I've approached each contest like a filming session and no average line make it into any movies. I knew it would go super fast and that didn't help me to sleep well the nights before today. I wanted to show my best level and this line felt good for that, I'm glad it worked out how I'd planned it."