DIY Teaser : Xavier De Le Rue

Another season and another chance to follow the adventures of world renowned snowboarder Xavier De Le Rue.  Although this year it will be different. It will be DIY. After numerous large-scale expeditions that have seen him vomiting across the Drake Passage to ride icebergs and using paramotors to drop in on Alaskan peaks, his new project goes back to the roots of the sport.

DIY, Do It Yourself, is about leaving it all behind. The months of planning  and the large teams are not invited this winter. Instead, Xavier will go back "ski bum" style, traveling in a camper with two additional elements: the Hexo+ [flying filming camera he helped developed] and his wife.

Obviously no one knows how this is going to turn out. But the story is in the journey, isn't it?

Check the trailer for DIY above and stay tuned for more from Xavier dropping soon.


Xaiver De Le Rue and his wife Beanie.

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