Smith Presents Life Beyond Walls: Alaska

As snowboarders, the Last Frontier is place many of us aspire to venture to, as we seek the beauty, grandeur and expanse of Alaska's giant peaks. Reaching the tops of these massive mountains is a feat within itself, and historically, only accessible by helis or hiking. Until recently...


In the latest edition of Smith's Life Beyond Walls series, Xavier De Le Rue and Ralph Backstrom find themselves nestled deep within the Alaskan Mountain Range, and their remote base camp offers ample opportunities to explore the vast terrain. They forgo the use of helis, and instead fire up a set of paramotors to propel towards the top of the steeps. If you're not familiar, these crafts are giant paragliding wings, piloted by a someone with a motor attached to their back that powers the propellors. Picture a man with a giant fan, and parachute attached to it. De La Rue and Backstrom ascend to their lines this way and are able to access incredibly remote lines.

The video above offers an artful eye into this amazing adventure, but we take it things a step further with a full editorial piece, A Wing and a Prayer by Ed Leigh, in the September/October issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding. The feature is out on newsstands now, so snag your copy, otherwise check out a glimpse of everything that's inside the mag here.   


From Smith– Life Beyond Walls:  Alaska

After the extensive travel to the Last Frontier, Xavier De Le Rue and Ralph Backstrom set up base camp amongst the giants of the Alaskan Mountain Range. Just outside the tent walls, Xavier and Ralph found themselves not only living life beyond walls, but on them... Edited by Jon Hetchkop

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