x games-2014_real_snow_podium

Your 2014 X Games Real Snow podium from left to right: Dan Brisse, Bode Merrill, and Dylan Thompson. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

X Games 2014 Real Snow Winners

The judges have spoken and your 2014 Real Snow winners have been announced! The judges picked Bode Merrill, Dylan Thompson, and Dan Brisse as the top three, and tonight, in front of the crowd at X Games 2014 in Aspen, Colorado, they announced that Bode Merrill was the winner. Dan Brisse, who has competed in every Real Snow so far, got second, and Dylan Thompson, a rookie to Real Snow got third.

We spoke with all three of them after the awards, see what they had to say here:

In case you missed all of their parts check them all on the next page!

Bode Merrill’s Real Snow:

 Dan Brisse’s Real Snow:

Dylan Thompson’s Real Snow:

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