While most film crews spent their summer jockeying for position in crowded private snowboard camps, the Wyld Instinct crew set their cameras on the awesome public park and MHSSC at Mt. Hood. Traveling to Mt. Hood has become an annual summer tradition for them. They all work on or around the mountain for the summer pass so the shred never has to stop after the winter season. They act as a real family living together in the woods of government camp, looking out for each other, and keeping the stoke alive.

Riders | Jack Reid | Kyle Roles | Thomas Graham | Jordan Frager | Aaron Kiser | Dylan Hallowell | Jeff DeForge | Ian Sullivan | Jake Aaronson | Corey Caswell | Matt Robinson | Eythan Frost | Ryan Finder | Andy Glader | Justus Hines |


Here are some words about this project from the filmer Ryan Finder

“Wyld Instinct began as an ambiguous movement. Three years ago, I opted to travel and pursue my passion for snowboarding by driving 3000 miles to Mt. Hood, OR from my home in Asheville, NC. What I found at Mt. Hood was a community of ‘die-hard’ snowboarders, nothing like I had ever experienced before. I learned so much from the amazing friends I met in Oregon, and after 2 summers on Hood I was inspired to put a name to my journey, calling it Wyld Instinct. I taught myself how to film and edit, gathered up the homies and hit the road. Last year we became the epitome of a grassroots crew, living in our cars, couch surfing from one location to the next. During my travels my camera never stopped recording, and were able to make webisodes, a short movie in the spring, and a movie, Tortoise, that chronicles our winter travels. Come see our movie Premier at Woodskys in Freemont, WA, September 20, 2014.  For this next season our home base will be at Snoqualmie Pass, and we plan to keep traveling and continuing what what we started last season.  Our family of riders is from all over the country, so if an awesome mountain or city has good snow, it's guaranteed someone in our crew knows a local that supports our motivation to get after it.  We can’t wait to get started the next season, and we hope to inspire you to find your own Wyld Instinct in the mountains.”

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