Woodward Tahoe opening video

Video--Justin Gunson      

The run at Boreal for the Woodward Tahoe grand opening on June 9 may have looked like the fabled white ribbon, but it provided a relieving fix for Tahoe locals and travelers alike. Despite a lackluster snow year, Woodward Tahoe has kept it going, and they're planning on running four sessions on snow this summer--you'll be able to sign up for camp and ride for at least the rest of this month. The first session got underway last weekend at Woodward's newest zone, complete with a skate compound, solid snow setup--down bars, barrels, double kinks, kickers--and 22-foot Superpipe.

Zak Hale, Andrew Brewer, and Scott Blum showed up to lap the park and milk this Tahoe winter to the bitter end. Inside the Bunker--Woodward's main complex, a dreamland of sorts--the skatepark was the place to be, with guys like Slash and Tony Hawk doing the pro demo, and when that ended attentions turned to the mini mega ramp. Woodward has these custom rollerboards mounted with snowboard bindings for off-snow training; kids were tossing double corks--casually--into the foam pit. Factor in five other trampolines, and this place is sure to be a breeding ground for up and comers in the Tahoe area in years to come.

Woodward is still building a few other outdoor skate zones and there's already a prime mini ramp hidden in the woods. Once they get the path to the ramp paved and the skate plaza turnouts finished, the whole setup is going to be all time.

Big thanks to John Slaughter, Shana Frahm, Anders Isaacson, and the whole Boreal and Woodward Tahoe crew for showing everyone a great time. For more information this summer's camp, check out WoodwardTahoe.com, and while you're at it, hit up RideBoreal.com.