Women’s Moves – Frontside Boardslides With Erin Comstock

It’s important to know your edges and have a good balance on your board before you try frontside boardslides. Also, practicing boardslides and front boards on a box first will help a lot before you hit a down rail-the more surface you have to slide down, the easier the trick is to complete.

1. Look for a nice, flat-surfaced down bar or a double-barreled rail that you’re comfortable coming into on a flat base. Make a slight turn on your toe edge toward the rail, keeping your knees bent and ready to ollie.

2. Set up on your toes and pop off your tail to ollie on. I’m usually about a foot to a foot-and-a-half away from the rail when I pop off my toes, and that allows me to put my board squarely onto the rail.

3. Once you’re on the rail, you should have your back shoulder over your front foot and your front knee bent with your back leg kicked out. In my opinion, keeping your arms down and relaxed will ensure that your weight falls nicely on your front foot. Make sure you stand up on the rail-letting your chest fall toward the rail means slipping out onto your chest, and having your weight too heavy on your back foot or heelside edge could mean falling on your back.

4. It’s important to look toward the end of the rail, and your body will take you there.

5. If you’re doing this trick in the park, there’s usually a little tranny that makes it easier to land, but just like when you’re jumping, you should keep your knees slightly bent to absorb the landing. When you go to do this trick on a street rail, you’ll be landing on a flat parking lot or road, so you really want to make sure you let your knees absorb the landing and then use your muscles to keep riding out the immediate impact.

“I learned frontside boardslides to fakie first so that I could get comfortable with going backwards and dial in my balance on down rails.”