Wolfgang ‘Wolle’ Nyvelt Full Part from Optimistic

Wolle Nyvelt Full Part from Absinthe Films Optimistic

Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt is one of the most talented all around riders to come out of the Alps, and a long time member of the Absinthe crew. This was one of his stand out parts which dropped in Optimistic in 2007, the following year Wolle was voted ‘Rider Of The Year’ at the TransWorld Riders’ Poll Awards!

About Absinthe Films Optimistic, 2007

In the first winter to show the undeniable effects of global warming, Absinthe Films has explored the effects of a changing planet. For those who live to snowboard, these changes can be perceived as impossible challenges or creative opportunities. Absinthe reconfirms it’s ability to find the best conditions when the rest have given up or resigned themselves to the park. Following fifteen individuals through their interpretation of this winter, Absinthe forges another unforgettable snowboard film with it’s newest release. Optimistic?

Wolle Nyvelt Photo Eric Bergeri

Wolle Nyvelt Photo Eric Bergeri

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