Tikut Films Presents Winter Danger

Finland is always turning out good snowboarding. It’s never a surprise to see some awesome riding and filming coming from the area that’s why we’re not surprised at how sick this full movie from Tikut movie was. In it are a bunch of Finish snowboarders whose names we would definitely not be able to pronounce, but they look like this: ROOPE H–YNÄ | ALEKSI KEMILÄINEN | TONI KERKELÄ | VILLE VÄISÄNEN | MIIKA LAPPALAINEN | ROOPE KOITOLA | SEBASTIAN PARHIALA | and friends. The movie was filmed and edited by Tikut, Eemeli Nättinen, Theo Muse, Gus Tible, Tim Schiphorst, Tomi Turunen, and Aleksi Klytseroff.

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Tikut Films Presents Winter Danger