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Windells Session Six Recap

The Technine Team Take over week at Windells is always one of the most antcipated weeks of the summer. And why shouldn’t it be? Wouldn’t you want to ride with the likes of Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Thompson, Lucas Magoon, and all the rest of the Technine team? We know we would. Take a look at the session six recap and see awesome snowboarding from the above mentioned three, plus Ben Bilodeau, Brandon Hobush, Zander Blackmon, Brady Larsen, Andrew Brewer, Austin Leonard, Jesse Paul, Dan Wells, Josh Bishop, Tomme Gesme, Derrek Lever, Brendan Gerard, Brady Lem, Forest Bailey, Ian Boll, Luke Haddock, Tucker Speer, Tracen Allen, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, Ozzy Henning, Jeff Deforge, Johnny Lazz, Dennis Leontyev Bonus, Shaun Murphy and Campers!

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