Windells Session 5 Recap

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Words: Mary Walsh

Photos: Darcy Bacha and Erik Hoffman

What do you get when you combine Cam Pierce, Austen Sweetin, Niko Cioffi, and a crew of Gremlinz, with summer shredding, a giant skatepark, and tons of excited campers? An epic week at the funnest place on Earth; session 5 was a blast.

On hill, both campers and professionals spent the session soaking up the sun and merking around the Windells park. Stevie Bell joined his Forum teammates for a few extra days of fun and the crew put their mark on all of the Diggers' Session 5 features.

In what could definitely be called one of the best days so far this summer, Cam, Niko, and Austen took campers on an afternoon of big laps, stopping for multiple mini-contests along the way. Long ollies over knolls, tricks on boxes, and even the best crashes won prizes and high fives from the pros.

The 15th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe returned to Windells during Session 5, too. Pipe to Pipe is always one of the best parts of the season and this year's contest was no exception. On hill, the Windells Diggers built a bowled-out course with hitching post spine and other rail features that was a catalyst for some of the most creative riding of summer. The skate contest has reached legendary status as many of the Northwest's best skaters travel to the Concrete Jungle to compete, and of course, because it's every snowboarder's dream to be able to skate like Mason Merlino, Willis Kimble, and Danny Tumia. Windells intern Nick Kenny showcased his skills and earned second place in the Am Division. Two of the Gremlinz, Sawyer Deen and Tyler Lynch held their own in the concrete with the pro skaters and though they didn't podium, they impressed spectators for sure.

Session 5 is a wrap, but summer is not slowing down at Mount Hood. Technine's Team Takeover Session is next, so expect lots of hammer-filled photos, updates, and blogs in the next week. For more, check out