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Session 3 is a wrap at Windells and it was a blast! This week, we thought we would take the analytical approach, and instead of explaining how much fun the session was, we should show hard evidence of its awesomeness. That sounds official, right? We asked a ton of snowboard campers, staff, and riders to describe Session 3 in one word. Here's a loosely-scientific-type chart that shows the results.

Why was Session 3 so amazing/sick? Well summer weather is starting to hit Mount Hood and campers, staff, and pro riders were ecstatic to take advantage of the sunny days to get in as many laps as possible in the park.

On campus, the Concrete Jungle was firing, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin was putting down enormous airwalks, while new coach Ozzy Henning was launching benihanas, and Nick Visconti stopped by to hit the 'crete as well.

On hill, the Windells lane was packed with fun-having boarders. Rome pro riders Marie-France Roy, Lucas Debari, Toni Kerkela, and AmArmy shreds Mary Rand, Riley Nickerson, Mark Wilson, Derrek Lever, and Ozzy Henning took over the Session and The Diggers continued to outdo themselves each session, adding new features to the line up, including a transfer rail and a grip of modular Nike pieces. The snake run has continued to get deeper and even more fun too, as campers have taken lap after lap in the banked course.

Next up is Session 4, The Reunion Session! Stay tuned to www.windells.com for updates all summer long.