Windells Camp Session 3 Video Recap

Another summer snowboard session at Windells is in the bag, and it was one of the most fun to date with epic riding on-hill and tons of awesome activities off-hill. The latest and greatest from Mt. Hood just dropped with this Windells Session 3 video recap. It showcases riding from Denis Leontyev, Erik Overson, Justice Hines, Max Lyons, Cody Lee, Chris Frost and more. Session 3 saw heavy riding on a number of features, including the Saga rail, the stair-steps set-up, quaterpipe and also on the biggest jump in the lane. The session was all about having fun and getting creative on your shred-stick, and campers, coaches, and visiting pros did just that. Check it all out in the edit above. Great times in Government Camp! Head to to sign up for a session. Do it, it’s the best time, every time.

Snowboarders: Dennis Leontyev, Erik Overson, Justice Hines, Max Lyons, Jake Luczak, Cody Lee, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, Chris Frost, Jeff Hopkins, Sammy Spiteri, Tucker Speer, Mike Gray, Max Tokunaga, Nial Romanek, Jesse Paul, Mamba, Buzz Holbrook, Erik Leon, Brandon Hammid, and Emil Ulsletten.
Videography: Ashley-Dawn Byrd
Additional Videography: Pat Sarnacki, Gavin Rudy, Dr. Brendan, Paul Heran, Jesse Paul, Ryan Finder, and Ben McCabe
Edit: Ashley-Dawn Byrd & Pat Sarnacki
Cody Lee sending one. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Cody Lee sending one. Photo: Erik Hoffman

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