Will Film For Food presents their “Seasoned” teaser

It looks like the Will Film For Food crew had the right idea last season, spending the majority of their time posted up at Saas Fee in order to get truly “seasoned.” Remember that Nico butter that had the internet drooling a while back? Yeah, expect to see that, and more in this film. Having the luxury of sticking to one area for the majority of a season is uncommon, but definitely a power move. Lose a day to weather, or maybe a little beat up from a long night of festivities? No big deal, unlike most other snowboard trips where one less day would entail higher stress and drastically less time to get the shot. With a roster sporting the likes of Forrest Bürki, Wyatt Stasinos, Sammy Luebke, Frederik Kalbermatten and Nicolas Müller, as well as some very solid cameos, “Seasoned” is sure to please.

From the crew:

Third time is a charm and we believe that you will find our latest edition, “Seasoned” an instant snowboard classic! “Seasoned” is about exploring all that winter has to offer from the very beginning all the way to that warm spring end. We partnered up with Saas Fee to spend the majority of the winter there and truly get “Seasoned”. Starring Forrest Bürki, Wyatt Stasinos, Sammy Luebke, with Frederik Kalbermatten and Nicolas Müller. Also, Cory Stasinos, Aurel Anthamatten, Blake Paul, Mark Pinter, Sage Kotsenburg, Nick Becker, Blake Axelson, Romain De Marchi, Manu Dominguez, Terje Haakonsen, Jan Gyger and DCP.

Will Film For Food Seasoned Teaser - TWSnow.com

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