Today the X Games announced who’s going to be in the 2013 Real Snow contest. It’s a packed list. Below you’ll find who’s going to be in it.

1. Dan Brisse

Dan Brisse is a veteran to the Real Snow. Check out his part from this years #IP2 web series by Volcom to get a sense of what he’s going to be bringing to the Real Snow spectrum.

2.Pat Moore

In just a few short years Pat has gone from being the new kid on the scene, to one of the most respected, seasoned pros out there. This is his part from Forum‘s video, Vacation.

3.Ethan Deiss

Ethan Deiss is a beast! He’s one of the new guys joining Real Snow and just going by assumptions from the past, his video is going to be one to watch. Check out this full part of his from Burton‘s movie, Standing Sideways.

4. Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones has been on the forefront of urban riding for a long time. Every year he comes out with riding that’s stronger then the year before. And when you’ve been putting out parts for ten plus years, that’s saying something. Check out this part of Jeremy from Burton’s movie, Standing Sideways.

There’s four more riders who are in Real Snow who were announced today. Want to know who they are? Head to the next page!

5. Louis-Felix Paradis

Louif Paradis is the man to beat this year. After winning the viewers vote, and coming in second in the judges vote, big things are to be expected from Louif- and  we’re sure that’s exactly what he’s going to deliver.

6. Eero Ettala

Eero Ettala might be new to Real Snow, but he’s not new to shredding the gnarliest shit. This is his full part from his web series, Cooking With Gas.

7. Bode Merrill

Bode is considered by many a favorite to win Real Snow. This part from Absinthe‘s video, Twe12ve should show you why.

8.Frank April

The last new addition to the Real Snow line up is Frank April. He had a killer year this year with an amazing part in Videograss‘s video, Enlighten. While everyone’s probably seen that video, his real stand out part might have gotten over looked. It’s from last years Brothers Factory video, Tabernac. Check it.



Dan Brisse. PHOTO: Andy Wright