When the struggle is real you have to modify your approach. The lack of snow across Michigan was turning the high hopes of a snowboard movie into a dusting of hope on the verge of disappearing. Driven by a true snowboard mentality, the crew behind When It Happens, made it happen. Trace amounts of snowfall made the terrain equal parts snow and grass forcing these guys to strap in and rise to the challenge. The teaser for When It Happens shows a glimpse of how the crew weathered the ups and downs of a dry winter in midwest

“The weather this season in Michigan was the worst it’s been in 6 or 7 years, it barely snowed. We decided to not cry about it, adapt, overcome and make a movie.” – Flanel Lifestyles

Featuring Charles Beck, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Trevor Newman, Matt Miller, Sam Schowalter, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Dusty Miller and Brett Kulas.

When It Happens - Teaser | TWSNOW