Video by Justin Gunson

Word by Adam Kisiel

The dictionary meaning of a pirate is one that attacks and robs a ship at sea. Often if the ship they are robbing is better than the one they are currently sailing they keep it and sink the other. I couldn't help to smile as one hundred twenty three pirates from the east coast robbed and plundered the ship built by Luke Mathison and the Waterville Valley Park Crew at the first stop of the Transworld TransAm Tour, Waterville New Hampshire. The ship being the flawlessly sculpted park that Mathison and crew built under the cover of night to set sail the following morning and stake their claim as being a park building powerhouse.

As the morning fog gave way to the New Hampshire sun, the winds picked up setting the stage for several pirates to set sail in hopes of returning home with the spoils of a victory at the Waterville TransAm. Luke Mathison and his Park Crew stood by in awe with gaping smiles as they watched their park under attack, as they too were once pirates reminiscing of their plundering times. Zumiez offered up the orange couch on pedestal hip that had many riders throwing huge airs and gaining speed into the High Cascade Marshmallow. The Marshmallow saw highflying action as the pillaging continued with backside rodeo's, backflips, and 720's with proper style overhead. A pirate known to many as one foot Ross, threw a rather large one foot air over the Marshmallow with grab to boot. With that trick alone, Ben Ross took home best trick honors.

The final attack consisted of the top forty riders, picked from the one for all and all for one hour long traffic jam, to face off in the Ultimate Final. Ten minutes in each of three lines of the park, separated the best overall riders in the pack for top honors. The Waterville Valley butter box to down box had riders combo-ing to the Oakley up box to gap over the shark tank. The Oakley sharks were underfed and teased all day by front flips and 270's over the top of their tank. Top riders Emma Graham and Ian Keay were forcing others to walk the plank as they slayed the Dakine stair set where the Dakine Team Paper Shreds could only helplessly watch the killing. Riders found themselves with options on the Ride Slime Wall. They could either hit it from the sides or butter across the top with hopes of making out unslimed.

In the end the booty came in the form of My Little Pony and Nerf set ups from High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Custom TransAm goggles from Oakley, Custom TransAm backpacks from Dakine filled with prizes from Transworld Snowboarding, Zumiez, Oakley, High Cascade, and Dakine. The most ruthless Pirates received all of the above and a treasure chest with a Ride Snowboard, Dakine boardbag, and the gold TransAm trophy for first place. With a huge giveaway nobody went home empty handed and the days ravaging proved to be worth more than gold. Check out all the action at and beware of the dangerous waters of the East Coast full of merciless pirates conquering a park near you.

TransAm Waterville Valley Winners
1. Ian Keay
2. Ben Ross
3. Nick Doucette

1. Emma Graham
2. Mary Rand
3. Kristen Hollum

Best Trick: Ben Ross
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