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The second annual Burton High Fives is a team-based event that pairs up groups of five riders and has them compete in all sorts of non-snowboarding related challenges. This year's team captains were selected based on a MINI Track Driving challenge. Riders had to maneuver a MINI Countryman or Paceman through a slalom course, across a skid pan, and a Le Mans-style Go Kart track at the Highlands Motor Park outside Wanaka, NZ. The fastest six guys, and the fastest six girls became team captains. There were some heated races, and more than a few close calls (Charles Reid and Darcy Sharpe maybe shouldn't be allowed to drive anymore), but at the end of the first day of competition twelve captains were selected.

Once team captains were selected, they had to pick their teams. Each rider was allowed to pick one guy rider, one female rider, and one rider who had never competed in a High Fives event before. To find their fifth member, teams had to follow the compass and Geo Caching feature on their Nokia Lumina 925 phones to specific latitude and longitude coordinates, where a few top riders were 'geo-cached.' It sounds a little confusing, but this was actually pretty cool as each team had to race through the New Zealand bush and use navigational skills they never knew they had.

Some other skills most pro riders never knew they had would be the ones needed to race a Segway, shoot skeet, drive an excavator, or herd sheep—all challenges the teams had to complete at the Oxbow Adventure Ranch. You can do all that extreme stuff along with ride Jetboats, fly in helicopters, race four-wheelers, and more at the Oxbow Lodge. By the end of the second day of competition there were a lot of laughs, a few scuffed knees, a herd of very tired sheep, and an established leaderboard of teams.

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2013 Burton High Five Snowboard Competiton Webcast