VonZipper Support Wildlife Winter Tour – Season edit

Von Zipper Support Wildlife Winter Tour – Season Edit

Join us in the fight against mediocrity and early nights on the VonZipper Support Wildlife Tour… This winter we piled into the yellow van time and time again to hit the road in search of snow and good times. We cruised through Mammoth Mountain, the Rockies, up to Big Sky Country, Yawgoo Valley and wrapped it up at Superpark 19. We scored some white gold in the park and city streets, and even found some back country fluff in-between…
John Jackson:  @johnjamun
Eric Jackson:  @ejackshreds
Gray Thompson: @snowshoe_thompson
Sam Taxwood:  @staxwood
Brendan Gerard: @gltuenfreegerry
Riley Nickerson: @Riley_Nickerson
Red Gerard: @redgerard
Blake Axelson: @krocadil
Matt Edgers: @mattedgers
Matt Wainhouse: @wainosworld
Chris Frost: @minnesnowtafrost
Brian Skorupski: @ki11a_b
Dylan Gamache: #DylanGamache
Marcus Rand: @gramsohard
Todd Kirby: @ddotkirby