Volcom’s PBRJ: Trollhaugen

Volcom’s PBRJ: Trollhaugen, Wisconsin

Stop #6 of Volcom’s Peanut Butter Rail Jam took place on the freezing province of Trollhaugen, Wisconsin. The weather was a spine-chilling -10 degrees all day which made for some undesirable contest conditions. However, the trolls were not phased by this and shredded all day long and on top of that, busted tons of mental tricks!! Most of us would hardly be able to stand outside in those conditions, and these guys are performing at their top level, nuts! Despite the cold, the contest was on fire with a flurry of riders going up and down the slope quickly due to the easy access of a rope tow inside the contest boundaries, which made for quick and repetitive action with no delay. The park crew at Trollhaugen did an outstanding job at making some creative jib lines that kept everyone on their toes. The event was a success and thats a wrap!

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contest_meeting 15_Brandon_3 15_Nick_2 tow_rope 16_garret_3 16_Eli_1 G_Jessi_3 G_Kayli_2 G_Kristin_3 Lunch_Col warm_mitts O_Ediie_3 O_Sam_2 O_Cole_3 O_Kyle_1 O_Skiba_2

15 & Under Division:
1st: Nick Irwin
2nd: Brandon Kirkland
3rd: Gabe Gilbertson
4th: Andam Kaye
5th: Trent Bosak

16 – 21 Division:
1st: Eli Lamm
2nd: Cole DiMeglio
3rd: Garrett McKenzie
4th: Emit Salokar
5th: Grady Tank

Girls Division:
1st: Kristin Jessen
2nd: Kayli Hendricks
3rd: Jessi Huege
4th: Hannah Peterson
5th: Missy McAlpin

Open/AM Division:
1st: Mike Skiba – $250
2nd: Kyle Kennedy – $150
3rd: Zach Monte – $100
4th: Sam Schiltgen
5th: Benny Milam

Volcom Snowboard – Jesse Mickelson

Rev'd Rider: $100 – Cole Linzmeyer

Electric “Gooyest Move Of The Event” $50 and Electric Shades – Logan Herber