Volcom’s PBRJ tour: Mountain Creek

Volcom’s PBRJ tour just wrapped up their stop at Mountain Creek. Things were wild! Check out the recap video.

15 and Under Division:
1st: Jake Colemna
2nd: Reid Smith
3rd: Sam Parreli
4th: Miles Fallon
5th: Nick Nolan

16 and Over Division:
1st: Bryan Watson
2nd: JT Bingler
3rd: Stephen Cerra
4th: Brendon Schmidt
5th: Tyler Mathes

Girls' Open Division:
1st: Alexa Cerra
2nd: Ari Monroe
3rd: Lily Calabrese
4th: Lauren Longfield
5th: Gina Parreli

Men's Open Division:
1st: Tom Weiss
2nd: Billy Keil
3rd: Tim Major
4th: Gabe Marzillier
5th: Kevin Kaczynski

Electric's Gooeyest Move of the Event:
Stephen Cerra