Volcom’s PBRJ Stop 13: Keystone Colorado

The 13th and final North American PBRJ qualifier took place at Keystone, CO on Saturday March 31, 2012.
With the last of those coveted invites to be given out, we knew the final qualifying event was going to be a big one. Right we were, competitors coming from far and wide showed up to battle for a piece of the top 5 glory. The combat would take place at the A51 park with 3 features set side by side ready for destruction.

The set-up: a street style round down bar with stairs, a man sized A-frame flat rail, and a massive elbow rail. It was a formidable challenge to say the least. Were the eager shreds up for the challenge?

Of course they were! Stepping up to the man sized contest site, the 15 and under division unleashed the furry. Spin on/spin out, locking lips through the elbow, and stylish presses were all part of the action these young guns put on display. Bradley Luff ended up taking the victory with a lethal combination of style and aggression. Not far behind was Red Gerard and Isaiah Woodworth taking home the 2nd and 3rd place positions.

Second course: the 16 and Over Division. With a healthy portion of style and technical ability we knew we were in for a serious serving of shred. Right we were, 180 in and 360 out on the A-frame, smooth and secured presses through the round down and pretzeling out of the elbow were just a part of the feast. Not to be out-shined by his younger brother, Brendan Luff took it upon himself to gobble up that 1st place title too! Only mere points separated Grant Giller 2nd and Mike Skiba 3rd. Solid showing gentlemen, look forward to seeing you in Mammoth!

Next to take the stage, the Ladies Open Division. With over 30 competitors, this was one of the largest Ladies groups we've seen on the tour. Not only large in numbers but some of the most technical skills we've seen. Landing on top was Krysta Pelchar with solid style and technical tenacity. Not far behind was Darylee Giedd taking home 2nd and good ol' Emily Blewitt locked down 3rd. Check the video to see the madness these WOW-man put on display.

The grand finale, the Open Division! With a massive turnout of close to 100 registered competitors, we knew we were in for a treat. Right we were friends: 270 in and 450 out, gaps to board benders, and wrong way everything was just a part of the show this group put on. After the dust settled it was Eric Beachemin who secured gold. After an 18 hour road trip, Minnesota's Shane Ruprecht walked away with 2nd. Driving down from UT Brent Mohs put it down and snuck away with $100 and the 3rd place title. We'll look forward to seeing what these guys can do out in Mammoth.

15 & Under Winners:
1st: Bradley Luff
2nd: Redman Gerard
3rd: Isaiah Woodworth
4th: Andrew Burns
5th: Justin Phipps

16 & Over Winners:
1st: Brendan Luff
2nd: Grant Giller
3rd: Mike Skiba
4th: Chase Fromm
5th: Kyle Roles

Girls Open Division Winners:
1st: Krysta Pelchar
2nd: Darylee Giedd
3rd: Emily Blewitt
4th: Courtney Cox
5th: Ashley Conner

Men’s Open Division Winners:
1st: Eric Beachemin $250
2nd: Shane Ruprecht $150
3rd: Brent Mohs $100
4th: Andrew Yoder
5th: Henry Tellini

Electric’s $50
“Gooyest Move of the Event”:
Billy Rodriguez