Volcom’s PBRJ: Stevens Pass

Stop #9 of the Peanut Butter Rail Jam Tour ventured up into the PNW for some time at Stevens Pass, WA. Unfortunately, this season has not been very generous in supplying snow to the West Coast. However, this stopped no one as the PBRJ crew and the park crew at Stevens Pass threw a hail marry by collecting all of the snow they possibly could to make the event happen. At the start of the event, the contest site was looking perfect, and then the rain came in. It rained hard and the contest was subject to cancellation. After brief review, the PBRJ crew enthusiastically decided to run the event with the “True To This” mindset and the event was nothing short of a success.


15 & Under Division:
1st: Keala Cole
2nd: Matteo Soltane
3rd: Milo Malkoski
4th: Beck Otteson
5th: Noah Siems

16 – 21 Division:
1st: Austin Busa
2nd: Daniel Iverson
3rd: Zack Playfair
4th: Matt Fitzgibbon
5th: Thomas Dale

Girls Division:
1st: Livia Molodyh
2nd: Jackie Flanagan
3rd: Cali Carlson
4th: Sabrina Patton
5th: Nina Zyryanova

Open/AM Division:
1st: Dillon Boeshans – $250
2nd: Demetri Bales – $150
3rd: Andrey Trofimov – $100
4th: Justus Hines
5th: Kody Yarosloski

Volcom Snowboard – Zack Playfair

Rev'd Rider $100 – Kody Yarosloski

Electric “Gooyest Move Of The Event” $50 and Electric Shades – Jared Elston

Fender Guitar – Keala Cole

Click here for more info on the event and upcoming dates!

event_site1 15_Milo_1 15_Matteo_3 15_keala_3 16_choochoo_3 16_cheers 16_Zack_3 16_busa_1 G_life G_panchoprincess_1 G_Livia_2 O_frontboart_3 O_Kody_1 O_Justus_3 O_Andrey_1 O_Demetri_1 O_Dillon_2 lunch_Colab