Volcom’s PBRJ rail jam at Boreal

The Volcom PBRJ just wrapped up at Boreal! It went off! Check out this video recap, and then head over HERE and read all about it.


15 and Under Division:
1st: Graham Haley
2nd: Drayden Gardner
3rd: Toby Miller
4th: Joshua Douglas
5th: Caleb Bonneville

16 and Over Division:
1st: Ryland West
2nd: Jordan Welter
3rd: Blair Esson
4th: Matty Britton
5th: Andy Blanchard

Girls Division:
1st: Naima Antolin
2nd: Lejawn Allen
3rd: Hailey Langland
4th: Tasha Sagucka
5th: Skittles Driscoll

Open Division:
1st: Patrick Lynch
2nd: Sawyer Deen
3rd: Matt Busedu
4th: Richard Koukai
5th: Jordan Wells

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move Of The Day”:
Easton Gilman (gap 270 to flat on the kinker!)


Miles Taylor doesn’t know his own strength.