The Volcom PBRJ just wrapped up at Boreal! It went off! Check out this video recap, and then head over HERE and read all about it.


15 and Under Division:
1st: Graham Haley
2nd: Drayden Gardner
3rd: Toby Miller
4th: Joshua Douglas
5th: Caleb Bonneville

16 and Over Division:
1st: Ryland West
2nd: Jordan Welter
3rd: Blair Esson
4th: Matty Britton
5th: Andy Blanchard

Girls Division:
1st: Naima Antolin
2nd: Lejawn Allen
3rd: Hailey Langland
4th: Tasha Sagucka
5th: Skittles Driscoll

Open Division:
1st: Patrick Lynch
2nd: Sawyer Deen
3rd: Matt Busedu
4th: Richard Koukai
5th: Jordan Wells

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move Of The Day”:
Easton Gilman (gap 270 to flat on the kinker!)


Miles Taylor doesn’t know his own strength.