Volcom PBRJ from Waterville Valley NH

Volcom’s PBRJ tour rolled through Waterville Valley NH. Check out the action here!


15 & Under Division:
1st: Eddie Fauth
2nd: River Richer
3rd: Noah Guarriello
4th: Josh Boise
5th: Nick Sherwood

16 & Over Division:
1st: Bryan Watson
2nd: Will Steller
3rd: Jesse Howlett
4th: Dalton Springer
5th: Brent McCarron

Girls' Open Division:
1st: Nora Healy
2nd: Katie Kennedy
3rd: Caroline Patten
4th: Ashley Lynch-Giangregorio
5th: Kayla Henry

Men's Open Division:
1st: Matt Schaffer
2nd: Brett Stewart
3rd: Kai Wiggins
4th: Travis Neunhaus
5th: Parker Szumowski

Electric's Gooeyest Move Of The Event:
Travis Neunhaus – Back 270 Gap To Down Tube