In many ways, Video of the Year is the most inclusive award in all of Riders’ Poll. While most of the awards are centered on an individual, VOTY is about a group of people, as it takes a small army to create a full-length piece of snowboard cinema—the cast of riders, the filmers, the editors, the sponsors, the producers, the directors, and the dudes pulling the bungee. Often there is overlap between these roles, but no matter what it is the effort of a team that lands a video on the nominee list. This year’s was comprised of Reckless Abandon, The Fourth Phase, an Union’s STRONGER., and ultimately the latter took it home.

Featuring perhaps the highest production value of any team movie in snowboarding to date, STRONGER.‘s roster is composed of Union Binding Company’s pro team—Kazu Kokubo, Gigi Rüf, Scott Stevens, Dustin Craven, Johnny O'Connor, Phil Jacques, Travis Rice, Dan Brisse, Anto Chamberland, Bryan Iguchi, Arthur Longo, and Torstein Horgmo. The film gave way to two Video Part of the Year nominees: Kazu Kokubo and Scott Stevens and features a mental ender from Torstein that landed him on the cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding‘s October 2016 issue.

Congrats to everyone involved in the making of this project!

About Riders’ Poll:
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