Video of the Year

Every fall, full-length feature films are the harvest of a winter well spent, and this year, three films have risen to the top to take home Video of the Year awards in this poll. All three are incredible movies but only one can take the win, and you'll find out who that is on December 15th but for now, watch these teasers and download them on iTunes and decide for yourself.

Check out all the nominees here!

Depth Perception

Featuring: Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Robin Van Gyn and Austen Sweetin


Featuring: Louif Paradis, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Alek Oestreng, Ben Bilocq, Harrison Gordon, Artem Smolin, Phil Jacques, Frank Bourgeois, Mammouth Durette, Blake Paul and Remy Fournier


Featuring: Nicolas Müller, Frederik Kalbermatten, Jake Blauvelt, Kazushi, Orange Man, Yamauchi, Manuel Diaz and Terje Haakonsen

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