Standout Performance of the Year

Monumental achievements go down every season that don't fit into a traditional awards category. Last year, Jérôme Tanon was acknowledged for his satirical film, The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding. This season sees another eclectic nominee list that includes banked slalom results, a web edit, and a competitive first.

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Nils turning at the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. PHOTO: Tom Monterosso

Nils Mindnich

The roster at the Legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom is unmatched in talent from all of snowboarding's facets. The best riders in the world convene at Baker for an event that is as inclusive and laid-back as it is highly competitive. During this year's 31st iteration, Nils Mindnich did what only one person has done before and not only put down the fastest time in the Men's Pro category but won the switch race as well. Only Terje can claim the same. It is in no way Nils' only accomplishment this year, but it certainly stands out.

Arthur Longo

Snowboarding leaves a mark on every ski area in the form of sidehits. Sure, skiers hit them too, but snowboarders are largely responsible for the quick lips that form on the periphery of each run. Arthur Longo has unreal edge control that comes from his halfpipe upbringing and a creative eye he was born with. With his good friend Olivier Gittler behind the lens, they put these talents to work to create a four-minute film that appeals to the inventive snowboarder in all of us. The virality of the edit proves its broad appeal, not its worth. Plenty of internet garbage gets views. Side Hits Euphoria is the type of piece that makes people want to snowboard for the right reasons.

Hailey Langland

Hailey Langland is as well rounded as any 17-year-old out there. She has a textbook back lip and can win banked slaloms and big air contests alike. What she landed on this list for is the latter, after stomping an immaculate cab 1080 double cork during the 2017 Aspen X Games Big Air event. Few scenarios compare to the pressure standing atop that drop in, and to be the first woman to put down a double cork in the event's history, before the age of 18, is nothing short of a standout performance.

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