Cloud Boarding Makes its Debut in this Edit

Cloud Boarding. Apparently, it’s a thing. Adrian “WildMan” Cenni and Happy Socks, an Swedish sock company, recently released the edit above which showcases Cenni dangling from an helicopter and wriggling around through a mass of swirling clouds. Clad in an orange one piece, Cenni gets a couple grabs, but looks strained in doing so. For the most part, Cenni appears mystified by the whole experience, but what can you really expect from a guy flying through the sky at 80 mph with a board strapped to his feet?

You can add this on the list of gimmicky board techniques like the now-infamous Tandem Snowboarding.

Here’s what Happy Socks had to said about the video.

In this video, we aim to bring an idea of total human freedom. The concept of Snowboarding in the Clouds is something everyone has dreamt about when sitting on an airplane or even just laying down on the ground looking up at the clouds. Carving up clouds 6,000 feet in the sky traveling at 80 mph was merely a dream and we took it and turned it into a reality. Bucketlist, check!


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