When you think objectively about the concept of snowboarding in Alaska, it sounds deranged. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent waiting for runs that last mere seconds and have the capacity to end you. It's a preposterous scenario with magnetization that grows stronger the closer one comes to it.

Since he was young, seeing the word printed at the bottom of page after page in the magazines he poured over, Victor Daviet felt the pull of Alaska, dreaming: "I need to go there to try to ride that amazing powder." But it wasn't until recent that the high-flying freestyler from the French Alps got close enough to experience the vastness that is Alaska firsthand.

He arrived to realize what anyone who has spent time in AK will at some point: the place is cloudy almost all the time. Fortunately, the expansive beauty of Alaska is riddled with potential for activity that doesn't involve a helicopter or snowboard, and Daviet took advantage, biding his time. After playing the waiting game long enough, Daviet jumped out of a heli on top of an AK peak and dropped in.

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