VICE today announces the first of two parts of Powder & Rails featuring Tom Burt. We chat with one of the best in snowboarding about his decision to quit his job as a math teacher and go pro, hiking and riding remote backcountry lines in Lake Tahoe, and conquering Alaskan terrain.

In the mid 80’s, Tom (a self proclaimed “old man”), placed well in a few snowboard contests and decided to quit his day job of being a Math teacher to try to become a pro snowboarder. Walking away from his teaching job worked out pretty well – Tom Burt was soon voted one of the Top 20 Most Influential Snowboarders Ever by Snowboarder Magazine and, along with Jim Zellers and Dave Hatchett, paved the way for professional snowboarding.

Powder & Rails airs on VICE’s brand new site, VICE.COM, which is the zenith, capstone, apex, flagship, pinnacle, and crowning achievement of VICE’s collective output. Almost two decades in the making, the site is a sparkling amalgam of everything you’ve always known and loved about VICE magazine,, and VBS.TV—all rolled into one convenient and portable location.