Jess Kimura is one of the most respected snowboarders in the game, bar none. Already having an impressive resume, she could have easily just taken the season off when she was injured earlier in year. Instead, in standard Kimura form, she decided to turn the potential downtime into a new project. “I had no idea what I was doing but I bought a camera and a tripod and hit the road with the girls. I figured I’d sort the rest out later, haha.

Enter The Uninvited. “I’ve always wanted to make a girls project, since the days of filming with Peepshow when I was first getting started in the industry. The point of this project is to give a platform to these girls who have the skills and the drive but haven’t had an opportunity to film for a major video project. I am sick of seeing them grind so hard every season and not get the results or recognition they deserve from the industry,” said Kimura.

Overlooked, up-and-coming, unappreciated, what have you, the title of the project says it all. The cast includes Alexa McCarty, Darrah Reid, Ivika Jurgenson, Hiromi Takahashi, Maria Thomsen, Kennedi Deck, Miyon Yamaguchi, Madison Blackley, Taylor Elliot, and Kaleah Opal. Ten riders that have put in the work and are trying to break through to the next level.  I picked these girls because they had already proven they were able to film a video part. They had the skills, style, work ethic, and attitude I was looking for,” said Kimura.

Reaching the halfway point of the two year project, Kimura and clan have decided to drop four episodes this fall, offering a sneak peek into what The Uninvited will be. Take a look at the teaser and check back soon for the next look into this highly anticipated project!

Directed, funded, and filmed by Jess Kimura. Edited by Troy Erickson.

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