Diaries DownUnder Ep. 3 – The Ultimate Igloo Camp Site

The DDU crew came up with the idea of ditching the usual creature comforts of being able to sleep in a warm bed in a big city, and instead get into the mountains and create a spring playground of their own. Specifically, a playground that they could sleep in. The result was a giant igloo dug by hand, way up in the mountains of New Zealand. At 200 meters above sea level, the camp site became the ultimate location to shred and just hang out. Spring in the Southern Alps of NZ looks like a pretty awesome time, so check out the edit and see what went down.

Riders: Nick Hyne, Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten, Seth Hill

Diaries Downunder Ep3 : Ultimate Igloo | TWSNOW.com

Seth Hill. Photo: Tom Christie

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