Tweaked and twisted at the Mount Seymour 2014 ECS Invitational

What is the ECS Invitational? Well according to Van City local, Jordan Bell, it’s “an annual event at Mount Seymour wherein all the locals gather at the mountain to hike up and build a quarterpipe to session, each with the hopes of winning a handmade trophy constructed by the previous year's winner.  It was started by and named after photographer Evan Chandler-Soanes to feed his insatiable vanity, but also to get everyone together at the end of the season for one last time up the hill. This season's lack of snowfall required that the quarterpipe be built at the very peak of Mount Seymour.

“This year's competition saw strong showings from all competitors, but in the end Tom Honey's technicality and consistency allowed him to claim the top spot after battling it out in a three-way superfinal against Alex Stathis and a heavily inebriated Luciano Babaei. The contest has always been a breeding ground for innovative snowboarding, giving rise to such never-before-seen tricks as the one footed no-booted McTwist. Previous winners include Brendan Keenan, Nic Heringa, and Jeff Keenan.”

Surf the white wave.