Turn & Burn 2016: Part One – Snowpocalypse


Somewhere outside Revelstoke, British Columbia you can find mountain terrain with a richly abundant supply of snow and a landscape cascading with lengthy steps. This extraordinary, yet tangible environment is somewhat easily accessed with nothing more than a good sled and a good crew. Wiley Tesseo, Beau Bishop, and Trevan Salmon went to Revelstoke to continue their exploration of this unrevealed area amidst a weeklong snowstorm. Acres of untouched snow without another crew in sight made for an awesome first part of Turn & Burn 2016. Meanwhile, halfway around the globe, Andrew Burns was also experiencing a snowpocalypse in Japan.

“Wiley, Trevan and Beau head to the interior of British Columbia, meanwhile Burns strikes Japanese gold.” – Turn & Burn

Turn & Burn 2016: Part One - Snowpocalypse | TWSNOW.com

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