TURN / ПОВОРОТ: New Russian Snowboard Movie by Unity Films

TURN  /  ПОВОРОТ: New Russian Film by Unity Films

Many of us haven’t been exposed to much snowboarding in Russia, other than the skewed vision fed to us during the Sochi Games. However, the shred scene in the Mother Land is actually bustling with a strong contingency of riders who are setting out and exploring the vast terrain and remote peaks.  TURN  /  ПОВОРОТ, the new film project by Unity Films, just released its first teaser filmed throughout Russia in far-east Kamchatka and in Sochi-Krasnaya Polyana, and also features parts in Austria, Switzerland, Patagonia and in the Himalayas in India.

The film chases big backcountry lines throughout these far-off places, but also incorporates all disciplines of snowboarding, from parks scenes, jibbing, and resort freeriding.

TURN’s premiere tour starts on November 12 and will travel through 12 Russian cities and also in China. Starting in mid-December, it will be available online for free.


TURN features the best Russian riders from all over the enormous country: Maxim Balakhovskiy, Andrey Moskvin, Artem Teymurov, Yura Chemodurov, Evgeniy Ivanov, Artem Sheldovitskiy, and others. Additional parts were filmed in India with Nicolas Muller and Fredi Kalbermatten.

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