Tuesday Trick Tip- Air to Fakie with Markku

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Time to step up your riding with round two of Transworld SNOWboarding's 20 Tricks video—20 Tricks Volume II. Based on the same model as the first release, 20 Tricks Volume II highlights moves for every ability—from a method clinic with kicker-killer Pat Moore to the proper execution of Cab nosepresses to backside 180 out courtesy of Simon Chamberlain. It's as easy as watching the maneuver go down and listening to the pros explain it step by step (divulging all sorts of secret tips and insider advice in the process). So you always wanted to learn one-footer airs? Josh Dirksen will show you how. Or maybe you're ready to start chucking frontside 900s? Not to worry—JP Walker's got you covered. 20 Tricks Volume II showcases terrain, personalities, and tricks from the slopes of Big Bear, Park City, and Breckenridge. Turning up the heat has never been easier.