TFA Presents wE tRiPpY Full Movie

After discovering the beauty of nature and having a lot of fun in their first movie WeOutThere, Ethan MorganMario Kaeppeli, and Flo Corzelius and Pircher now decided to go far beyond their usual horizon, explore new terrain and get trippy…

Film & edit: Daniel Diedrich

Additional filming: Balint Hambalko, Johannes “J-Dawwwg” Brenning, Sebi Madlener, Julian Pintarelli, Franco Marco Avi, Julia “JB” Baumgartner, Philipp “Ramppel” Romppel, Kilian Berkmüller, Mikael Norrman and Martin Potocnik.

Special thx:
Bärchen and Greisliger for musical inspiration, Bird for inspiring me with RKO Videos, Timmä for soundchecking, J-Boy for helping me out sometimes, Matze for the flyers,, Babeeee, my fam’n’homezzzz.

Ethan was forced to do the voicy, it was not his own decision.
Cameos: Ethan’s part: Tiffany “TiffTiff” CrayCray, J-Dawwwg, Golden Boy
Bail-/random part: Dörti D (Daniel Diedrich), snowbladin’ Darth Vader (Daniel Diedrich), Juicy Jaxxx (Ethan’s dog) Instagram: @thejuicyjax; Hairstylists: Bärchen’n’Greisliger.

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TFA Presents wE tRiPpY Full Movie