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The summertime schralp is all about trick learning. Well, that, and getting tan. While we can’t help you with the bronzing, we can be of some assistance in the new-moves department, or Nitro’s Lukas Huffman can be, more specifically. We kidnapped him from a day of summer-camp riding up at High Cascade and forced him to show us how to do stuff and then tell us about it. So read on, and get hyped to get hyped.

1. Speed is an issue for this trick—you need enough to get up and over the obstacle, but not too much or you’ll compact yourself.

2. Priority number one as you approach the wall is keeping your base flat. Any edging at all will destroy you. Priority number two is being light on your feet, You really have to suck it up—relax your body completely and absorb the tranny.

3. The bulk this happens right away when you hit wall. Your front leg should be ready to take it, and then suck up both your knees to your ears.

4. Once you’re in the air, you’re either in total control and can spot your landing, or you’re completely out of control and pretty much gonna eat shit. See, this trick is all up front—either you got it or you don’t. Now good luck.

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