Trick Tip Tuesday: How to Cab 540 with Seamus O’Conner

It’s Tuesday, so here’s another Trick Tip coming in hot and fresh, just for you. This time, Seamus O’Conner shows you how to dial in your cab 540’s at Woodward Copper. Check it out above.

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Shot on the Red Epic with up to 300 frames-per-second slow motion, Beyond Basics reveals the trick to the trick and uses visual callouts, as well as narration from the pros, to explain each move in detail from set up to takeoff, execution, and landing. Whether you're a casual rider or you're on the hill every day, Beyond Basics will help you step up your game in the park, and learn new tricks. If you want to learn new tricks or just do your tricks better, this is a film not to be missed!

Check out the trick list here, and download your copy of the full 57 minute long instruction video now on Vimeo On Demand.

Shot on location at Woodward Tahoe

1 – 5-0 Frontside – Andrew Brewer
2 – 5-0 Backside – Andrew Brewer
3 – Nosepress Backside – Nick Pooch
4 – Nosepress Frontside – Nick Pooch
5 – Lipslide Backside – Riley Nickerson
6 – Lipslide Frontside – Riley Nickerson
7 – Frontside 180 Switch 50-50 – Johnny Brady
8 – Cab 180 50-50 – Johnny Brady

Shot on location at Woodward Copper

9 – 360 Switch Backside – Chad Otterstrom
10 – 540 Switch Backside – Brandon Cocard
11 – 540 Backside – Chad Otterstrom
12 – 540 Cab – Seamus O'conner
13 – 540 Frontside – Dan Brisse
14 – Backside Halfpipe Air – Taylor Gold
15 – Frontside Halfpipe Air – Ben Ferguson
16 – Sliding through a kink (boardslide, 50-50, nosepress) – Johnny Lazz
17 – 180 Backside onto Rail – Johnny Lazz
18 – 180 Switch Backside onto Rail – Johnny Lazz
19 – 720 Frontside – Brett Esser
20 – 180 Switch Backside – Benji Farrow
21 – 360 Cab – Benji Farrow

Featured Riders: Johnny Brady, Andrew Brewer, Dan Brisse, Brandon Cocard, Brett Esser, Benji Farrow, Ben Ferguson, Taylor Gold, Johnny Lazzareschi, Riley Nickerson, Seamus O'connor, Chad Otterstrom, Nick Poohachoff


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