In what has been a relatively down year for snow, Travis RiceEric Jackson, and Mark McMorris managed to time their trip to the legendary Baldface Lodge in Nelson, B.C. during the area's heaviest snowfall of the season.

The trio took a much-needed break from the hectic world of competition and remote film trips to do what they love the most: shred powder.

“We hit conditions perfectly in a winter that was one of the tougher ones I’ve had, conditions wise. It was a wild winter. It had been snowing for weeks and we squeezed out three days of sun during our five day trip,” Rice said about the trip.

Baldface is an important place for all of the guys, as it was the site of Red Bull Ultra Natural, the contest that changed the game. Standing atop the course for the first time since competing last year, the crew reflected on just how important that contest was to snowboarding.

Travis has been all over the place lately. Literally. He’s been traveling the globe gathering footage for his latest film with Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm (the film’s title, projected release date and more will be revealed later this fall).

Anytime McMorris gets to snowboard with the likes of Travis and Ejack he’s stoked, but it's even sweeter after coming off his most difficult competition season yet. High expectations for X Games were never realized, as he broke a rib on his final run. Despite the injury, he rode for Canada in Russia, and although he did medal, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Deemed the future of snowboarding, McMorris relishes every opportunity he gets to snowboard with some of the best.

Travis Rice, Mark McMorris, Eric Jackson.

Travis Rice, Mark McMorris, Eric Jackson. Photo Tim Zimmerman/Red Bull