Trash League Presents “Digital Weekend” Episode Two : Saturday

A group of snowboarders based out of Ontario, Canada by the name of Trash League put together their street footage and are releasing it online in parts for your viewing pleasure.

Episode one started things off right. Now episode two continues to keep pace with episode one and hits you with more of the urban assault on Canadian streets.

Featuring the riding of Gordon Birnie, Mike Chmil, Denny Duquette, Chris Fellner, Danny Glibota, Mark Goodall and Ben Poechman.Filmed by Mike Chmil, Mark Goodall, Dallas Ianni and Marco Morandi.

Supported by Boobeyes, Capita Snowboards, Coal Headwear, Deeluxe, Dinosaurs Will Die, ICAN, Rome Snowboards, Sanction, SPY, Stinky Socks, and Union Binding Co.

trash league

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