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TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll 18 : Women’s Rider Of The Year Nominees

Earning the nod of Rider of the Year forever cements a snowboarder into the history books for being a guiding force within snowboarding and beyond. It's the highest honor any rider can receive and insures a lifetime of bragging rights that are undoubtedly well-deserved. This year, nominees for Rider of the Year are as diverse as their skills on and off the mountain. Despite this, each rider on this list is progressing snowboarding through their level of riding and their contributions to the sport. We proudly present the nominees for Women's Rider of The Year.

Danyale Patterson – Full Part: Too Hard- G.O.A.T

Danyale "Dangy" Patterson, the fearless leader of Too Hard, lands on this list for her solid re-mixed part in G.O.A.T, which she edited and produced. Despite her unconventional outerwear, Dangy destroys the urban scene with a solid gamut of tricks including; technical one-footers, transfers and acid drops.

Jess Kimura – Full Part

Jess Kimura overcame the obstacles she faced with injuries and sponsors switch-ups and still put together a part that is arguably the most well-rounded women's part we've seen this season. She edited this part and put it out herself, and it’s been highly-regarded by many and also scooped up nominations for Video Part of the Year and Readers' Choice.

Kimmy Fasani – Full Part: Absinthe – /fterforever

Kimmy Fasani has pushed the boundaries as a professional snowboarder, and holds the title for being the first female to earn numerous accolades in our sport that is heavily dominated by dudes. Last season, she embarked on a trip to Haines, AK and filmed with Absinthe, both of which were firsts for her. Through this, she crafted a part that exudes her explosive style, calculated moves, and pushes the level of women's riding.

We'll be announcing the winner at this year's Riders’ Poll event in Breckenridge, CO on December 9th. Be there!

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About Riders’ Poll:
For 18 years, TransWorld SNOWboarding has polled the professional snowboarding community to find their picks for the best riders of the year. Each season, these awards are decided by the opinions of over 100 pros. While TransWorld SNOWboarding hosts the awards, the winners are truly a reflection of peer acknowledgement—the highest honor any rider can receive. All TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll winners will be announced and awarded in Breckenridge, CO on Friday December 9, 2016 during the Winter Dew Tour weekend.

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