Awards like Video Part or Rookie of the Year are relatively straightforward compared to the ambiguous Standout Performance of the Year nomination. It’s open to interpretation. Last season it went to Dylan Gamache for his mindfucking display of snowboard talent in the Yawgoons videos, and the year prior Jussi Oksanen took it for retiring with a bang. This season sees an expectedly diverse set of nominees—one breaking a height record on his snowboard while producing a film of his own, another a photographer who created one of the most unconventional and well-received films snowboarding has seen, and finally a snowboarder and filmmaker who’s offered countless opportunities for other riders while filming stacked parts of his own.

Below are the Riders’ Poll 18 Standout Performance of the Year nominees.

Christian Haller, GLUE + record-breaking hip air at Nine Knights

In snowboarding there tends to be two schools by which we often see our culture divided—there are the contest riders with energy drink sponsors who get invited to sessions like Nine Knights, and there’s everyone else using snowboarding as a tool for expression or simply a means of having fun. Christian Haller bridges the gap. This year year Haller boosted a record-breaking air at Nine Knights in Watles, Italy and produced the masterpiece of a film embedded above, which demonstrates perfectly the capacity for creativity and enjoyment snowboarding offers.

Jérôme Tanon, The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

Rarely is a snowboard film so unanimously and instantly beloved within our community as photographer Jérôme Tanon’s The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding. Released on November 3rd, 2016, it racked up over 180,000 YouTube views in a month. Tanon filmed the instant cult-classic, which highlights the often ridiculous behavior of our culture, over his last four years traveling the world with professional snowboarders and filmmakers.

Jesse Burtner, 20 Years of Jesse Burtner
Having co-founded Think Thank and previously JB Deuce Productions, what Jesse Burtner has done for snowboarding and fellow snowboarders is incredible. He’s created innumerable opportunities for those who love snowboarding as much—or at least almost as much—as he does. But what’s both miraculous and insane is that throughout these two decades, he’s gone out and stacked enough footy himself to drop a video part of his own each season. It’s unlikely anyone in snowboarding has spent as much time in front of the lens, behind the camera, and in the editing bay as Burtner.

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