Each year, it seems, someone does something so monumental for snowboarding as a whole that it affects the greater landscape of our culture. This person is an influencer, shaping snowboarding’s course. Thus, we are excited to announce the introduction of the Influencer Award as part of our annual Riders’ Poll. It is an accolade that honors massive impact—an acknowledgment of steadfast commitment to advancement.

We are proud to present the first-ever Influencer Award to Leanne Pelosi for her unwavering dedication to snowboarding’s forward progress through the creation of Full Moon Film.

Through Full Moon, Leanne has illuminated the past, present and future of snowboarding, highlighting legends, current pros and the next generation of female riders integral to our history. The project is a direct product of Leanne's vision and detailed work. Assembling an all-time crew of the best female backcountry riders, Leanne made her vision into a reality that caused snowboarders to stop and take note of what is unquestionably one of the most notable movies snowboarding has seen in a long time. Over the course of the two-year project, Leanne helped direct, produce, and shoot the film, while stacking clips of her own.

Beyond its obvious purpose—acknowledging those whose talent and hard work deserve recognition—Riders’ Poll serves as a timestamp on snowboarding each season. Looking back year-by-year at the nominees and recipients of Riders’ Poll awards provides snapshot of the state of snowboarding during that period, and what Leanne has done with Full Moon Film will long be looked upon as a milestone.

Thank you, Leanne, for being a positive force in snowboarding and an all-around badass.

Congrats, Leanne!

About Riders’ Poll:
For 18 years, TransWorld SNOWboarding has polled the professional snowboarding community to find their picks for the best riders of the year. Each season, these awards are decided by the opinions of over 100 pros. While TransWorld SNOWboarding hosts the awards, the winners are truly a reflection of peer acknowledgement—the highest honor any rider can receive.


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