Torstein Horgmo officially announced his departure from competitive snowboarding in his latest video blog. Answering questions posed during a Q & A on Facebook for his fans, Torstein addresses his pro career by saying, “I guess this is announcement time. I am officially not competing anymore. I am done with the medal chase, I am only focusing on filming.” He goes on to list his reasons for the change in directory, which revolve around getting back to the real reason he became obsessed with snowboarding in the first place—video parts. While we are bummed that we won’t get to watch him make contests more exciting with his riding, the news is not shocking.  Torstein is no stranger to the video part. Just watch last year’s Stronger  or any number of movies like Horgasm, A Love Story, Shredbots: The Movie, DC Mountain Lab 1.5. Keep on the lookout for his next project, with no distractions or commitments from the competition circuit, it might just be his best part yet!

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