Tor Lundstrom : Full Part : BYND X MDLS

Where are you from? Where do you live?

I'm half Swedish and half Swiss, but I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden and still live there.

What is your web series BYND x MDLS all about?

When we started the show the idea was that the episodes would follow Kevin and I on our way to the Olympics. But Kevin got kicked off and I left the Swedish national team so we have just been going to places that we want to snowboard whether it’s pow, rail trips, or contests, and film it all. We are super happy with how it has been going. I can't think of a better way to spend my life than traveling to places where I wanna snowboard with my best homie. I'm gonna try to do it as long as possible.

Where did you guys go last season to film?

We went to Australia, Austria, Switzerland, The US, Iceland, France, and China. This season we're also gonna try to go to different places where we haven't been snowboarding before. Right now we're in Chile!


How did you and Kevin meet up?

We met at the Norwegian snowboard school in Geilo when we were 15. Soon after we met we decided to share an apartment. Ever since then we've been living together and sharing the most in life.

Where was your favorite session this season?

The Utah trip was my favorite I think. First we went to Grizzly Gulch and then Park City and everything came together really well.

What was the hardest trick to land?

 I don't know.


What is it like to throw the backside triple 1440?

It was really surprising when I landed cause it’s so much happening. Just gotta huck and hope for the best.

When did your season start/end for you this year?

It started in Australia in August and ended at Mt. Hood in May.

Who threw the best party this past winter?

The Carnival party in Laax was mayhem.


What’s in store for BYND X MDLS this coming season?

Gunna go to some cool places and do some snowboarding yo. Hope you like it :)

Who are your sponsors?

Bataleon, Switchback, and Von Zipper.

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